Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Newark Immigration Court: Health Advisory Due To Long Waits

Please protect your health about a danger that you face if you visit Newark Immigration Court or US Citizenship and Immigration Services at 970 Broad Street in Newark, NJ.

Starting October 2012, one of the main entrances for non-employees is closed, apparently due to construction.  It is possible that the entrance could be closed for months, including during the winter months when the weather often is extreme.

The waits to enter the building can be extremely long and at this point, waiting often requires standing unprotected (without any rain protection or wind/cold protection).

Please protect your health by wearing extra layers, bring blankets to huddle under, and possibly even bringing chairs to sit on during any long wait you encounter.  Please take care of your health!

There is no indication so far of USCIS or the Immigration Courts making any accommodation or adjusting schedules to address the health risk.


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