Friday, May 14, 2010

Immigration Susan Roy Resigns From Newark Immigration Court

Immigration Judge Susan G. Roy was an immigration judge in Newark Immigration Court for about two years, from April 2008 until roughly May 2010.

It seems that Immigration Judge Roy has resigned from being an immigration judge in Newark, New Jersey. There is no indication of this on the official web site for Newark Immigration Court or on the EOIR web site, which includes a list as of April 2010 of the immigration judges. That list still includes Susan Roy on the roster.

Judge Roy's resignation raises several questions -- if Immigration Judges labor under a large caseload, it is extremely important for EOIR to make sure that immigration judges continue to work on cases rather than resign. EOIR needs to focus on its retention policies to encourage immigration judges to continue doing their work, which would reduce a backlog of cases and provide immigrants with an opportunity to get their cases decided in a reasonable amount of time.

It seems that Judge Roy resigned because other immigration judges have mentioned this when they have explained why a different judge has taken over a case that had been heard by Judge Roy in the past.

EOIR should make a priority of training, counseling, and retaining immigration judges. EOIR should make an effort to convince Judge Roy to retract her resignation so that immigrants with cases in Newark Immigration Court will not face extra delays and disruption to their cases.