Thursday, January 01, 2009

Former ICE Counsel Accused Of Immigration Fraud

According to an Associated Press story on November 10, 2008, a federal grand jury has indicated a former ICE Assistant Chief Counsel along with his wife for allegedly running a scheme to adjust the immigration status of immigrants who were not eligible.

The news story claims that there have been 75 counts against former ICE Assistant Chief Counsel Constantine Kallas and his wife Maria Kallas of Alta Loma. The counts supposedly make allegations of conspiracy, accepting a bribe by a public official, and money laundering.

According to the newspaper article, the allegations in the indictment allege that they set up companies to file false employment-based petitions for dozens of immigrants along with for some legal permanent residents.

Keep in mind that these are just allegations and accusations -- nothing has been proven and everyone is presumed innocent until found guilty. The newspaper article reports that Diane Bass is representing Maria Kallas and has said that her client is innocent. Constantine Kallas worked for ICE since 1998 but has been on unpaid leave since early-2007.

Update: A jury convicted Mr. Kallas in April 2010 of federal corruption charges. According to the Los Angeles Times, ICE spokesperson Virginia Kice believes the corruption by an assistant chief counsel of Immigration and Customs Enforcement was an isolated incident.

Update: In March 2011, Mr. Kallas received a sentence of 17 years in jail. He has the right to file an appeal of the sentence so it is not final as of March 2011.


At 6:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the same spirit of our system of justice in the United States, I would expect that in the event Mr. Kallas pleads guilty or no contest or is found guilty by a jury, that the US ICE would receive Mr. Kallas refund for a salary that he should not have been entitled to, after the indictment.

Mr. Kallas was known for his strong advocacy of the DHS in immigration court.


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