Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Articles on Immigrants Afraid to Report Crimes

With all these news stories about the need to encourage immigrants to report crimes to police, it would make sense that if local police report an informant to the immigration authorities, someone would step up and stop the deportation. In New Jersey, that is not the case -- local police sent an informant to be deported and nobody is stopping the deportation. The government is actually spending tax-paying money to fight to deport the person who called 911 to help the police arrest some criminals. Here is a sample of more stories:

In Kansas, a police department urges victims and witnesses of crimes to call the police regardless of whether they are out of status. It's the Liberal, Kansas Police Department. Immigrants urged to report crimes, Jon Ruhlen, Hutchinson News, Kansas, August 19, 2008. Several crimes went unreported because the victims were undocumented. Liberal Police Department Reaches Out To Illegal Immigrants, KAKE, Kansas.

In the New Haven, Connecticut area, one robber targeted Latino immigrants that she thought were out of status because they might be afraid to call the police. Officer Renee Forte admitted that it seems some immigrants are afraid to come forward. Cop Of The Week, New Haven Independent, CT, August 19, 2008.

Many domestic violence victims in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas are afraid to report the crime due to fear of deportation (among other reasons). Help for Immigrants Dealing With Domestic Violence, Karen Hopkins, ArkLaTex, August 19, 2008.

Police reaching out in Virginia to help victims come forward. A new class of predatory criminals target victims who are out of status and therefore probably will not call the police. Jeremiah Zook, assistant DA for Franklin County, said many crimes go unprosecuted because the victim is afraid to come forward for fear of being deported. New Class of Criminals Preys On Illegal Immigrants, Jim Hook, Chambersburg Public Opinion, PA.

In Austin, Texas, a robber targets immigrants because many carry large amounts of cash. Police believe there have been robberies that have gone unreported because the victims fear deportation. Austin Police: Robber Is Targeting Immigrants, Patrick George, Austin American-Statesman, TX, August 12, 2008.

In North Carolina, police urge immigrants to report crimes. Winston-Salem Police Urge Hispanic Community To Report Crime, Winston-Salem, NC, WXII, July 17, 2008.

In Coatesville, PA, the police chief believes immigrants who are crime victims are afraid to call police, among other reasons, because they are afraid taht someone in their family would be deported if they call. Chief: Blacks Prey On Hispanics, Jennifer Miller, Chester Daily Local, PA, June 29, 2008.

In Minnesota, police beg immigrants to report crimes and tips even if undocumented. Police Beg Somalis For Help In 4 Unsolved Slayings, Jim Adams, Star Tribune, MN, June 27, 2008.


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