Saturday, June 03, 2006

Can't Trust USCIS: H1-B Count Fiasco

More proof that people cannot trust announcements by USCIS: they botched the H1-B count. There are only a certain number of H1-B temporary work visas allowed each year, so many people watch USCIS's announcement of its count of how many have been used up. This helps people know how fast they need to get their application in before the numbers are all used.

Based on initial reports, it appears that USCIS officially announced how many applications it received toward the H1-B cap but the entire report was a sham because USCIS did not disclose that the numbers it was announcing excluded over 10,000 applications it had received but not yet gotten around to inputting.

Therefore, the USCIS announcements of the cap numbers were misleading and incorrect. Keep this in mind whenever you read anything that USCIS announces -- sometimes, their announcements are misleading and factually incorrect. This causes great difficulty and anxiety among those practicing immigration law.


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