Thursday, December 15, 2005

Severe Winter Advisory: Newark Immigration Court

Health Advisory: watch out, there is bitterly cold weather in Newark, New Jersey and people visiting the immigration court building at 970 Broad Street in Newark, New Jersey have been experiencing up to 40-45 minute waits outdoors in the bitter cold. At times, the wait is minimal, but waits have been stretching to extreme lengths and some people have been forced to wait outside in the bitter cold the entire time.

Good clothing options include:
A hat (ideally two hats or one ski mask),
Sunglasses (to shield off the cold wind),
Two shirts plus at least one sweater or sweatshirt,
Thick trousers,
Thermal underwear,
Wollen socks (ideally wear two pairs of socks, including one thermal sock layer),
Heavy shoes or boots
Thick gloves

We hope this advisory reaches everyone visiting the Newark Immigration Court this winter. We are not aware of any announcement on this topic being provided to the public. People have been losing feeling in their toes while waiting on the line recently. We hope this does not happen to you. Remember, safeguard your health. But also safeguard your legal case. Why not try to safeguard both?


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